ICA Blue Sky Workshop “Researching (in-)visible voices in the digital age”, 68th Annual ICA Conference

Brantner, C., Lobinger, K., Mahrt, M., Springer, N., & Wilhelm, C. (2018). Researching (in-)visible voices in the digital age. ICA Blue Sky Workshop, 68th Annual ICA Conference, 24-28 May 2018, Prague.

Moderation: Mahrt, M.
The following presentations were part of the workshop:

  • Wilhelm, C. (2018): The applicability or need of adapting theories on (in-)visibility to the particular demands of research in digital contexts.
  • Springer, N. (2018): The role of social media in providing infrastructures for desired visibility but also clandestine invisibility.
  • Brantner, C., & Lobinger, K. (2018): Ethical implications of the visibility of trace data and their use in academic research.

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