Research group at CAIS Forum 2019

Artificial intelligence and digitization – this was the motto of the CAIS Forum 2019 of the Center for Advanced Internet Studies in Bochum. On October 8, 2019, experts discussed opportunities and challenges as well as the use of artificial intelligence with the interested public.

As part of “Meet the Scientists”, PD Dr. Merja Mahrt presented the work of our research group and exchanged views on our research questions with citizens and experts from business and politics.

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Panel “Integration and Division in Digitized Public Spheres”, 64th annual meeting of the German Communication Association (DGPuK)

This year’s annual meeting of the DGPuK is dedicated to “integration through communication in digitized public spheres”. The research group will be present with a panel on “Integration and division in digitized public spheres: The relevance of visibility in struggles over meaning”. The panel will be moderated by PD Dr. Merja Mahrt (University of Düsseldorf). Read more

Research group on “(In)visibility in the digital age” starts

The newly founded research group “Hide and See(k) – Visibility in the Digital Age”—funded by Center of Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS) as a working group—met on the 16. and 17.08.2018 for the two-day kick-off workshop at the CAIS in Bochum. The research group consists of scientists from German, Austrian, Swiss, and Swedish universities and researches how important visibility respectively invisibility is in the digital world.

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