Panel “Integration and Division in Digitized Public Spheres”, 64th annual meeting of the German Communication Association (DGPuK)

This year’s annual meeting of the DGPuK is dedicated to “integration through communication in digitized public spheres”. The research group will be present with a panel on “Integration and division in digitized public spheres: The relevance of visibility in struggles over meaning”. The panel will be moderated by PD Dr. Merja Mahrt (University of Düsseldorf).

Photo: Ricarda Drüeke

The following presentations are part of the panel:

  • Brantner, C., Lobinger, K., & Springer, N. (2019). (In-)visible hate: Hate speech in online memes.
  • Langmann, K., & Engelmann, I. (2019). Visibility of (un-)civil user comments: An explanatory model of possible reactions based on labelling and norm application.
  • Detel, H., Wilhelm, C., & Stehle, H. (2019). Integrative or divisive potential? An analysis of the mutual expectations of journalists and media audiences against the background of a new visibility.
  • Bock, A., & Schulze, A. (2019). Educational (in-)justice in the digital public sphere: On the relationship between sovereignty of interpretation and socio-culturally framed opportunities for participation.
The conference programme is available for download under

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