Research group on “(In)visibility in the digital age” continues

From Wednesday, November 27 to Friday, November 29, 2019, our research group met for the second time at the Bochum Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS). The CAIS funded the meeting within its programme that hosts working groups.

Photo: Cornelia Brantner

On this occasion, the members of the research group worked on current and future projects on visibility and invisibility in the digital age. Among others, questions on the concept of visibility, joint research efforts, and the upcoming Thematic Section in Studies in Communication Sciences (SComS) on “Visibility in the Digital Age: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives” (Call for Papers) were discussed. Furthermore, the organization of a workshop to be held in March 2020 was on the agenda. In this workshop, the research group will discuss inequality and visibility in digital media with invited international experts. In addition to gaining valuable insights, a second goal of the workshop is to create a broader research network that helps both deepening an understanding of the empirical and theoretical ramifications of the issue as well as granting greater visibility to the factors, implications, consequences, and remedies of visibility and invisibility in public discourse.

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